Serving speciality coffee,
Penny Farthing Espresso also offers a fresh, innovative and delicious selection of breakfast, lunch and sweets.
Complimented by a rotating selection of beer, wine and cocktails.

Penny Farthing Espresso first opened it's doors in February 2009.
Since then, the Penny has built a reputation brewing speciality espresso, filter and cold drip coffee. 
Supplied by one of Melbourne's most highly regarded coffee connoisseurs, Industry Beans, Penny Farthing Espresso uses high quality, ethically sourced beans from all corners of the globe. 

Over the last eight years, our kitchen has developed a personal style marrying quality ingredients with innovative recipes. Our team of baristas are passionate lovers of coffee and provide the Penny with it's most crucial asset, a brilliant cuppa. 




9482 2246


206 High St.
Northcote, Melbourne
VIC, Australia 3070


M - F 7am - 3.30pm
S & S 8am - 4pm


 Happy to Serve You
Sanfransisco based coffee blog

"This really is the only cafe that is worthy of customers in Northcote. The coffee is 5 senses (a trend?) and is sublimely prepared and

Cafe Hunting Melbourne

 "Penny Farthing is the place you can sit for hours, in your own little world, reading a book or catching up with friends. The staff are friendly and the food is great."


"There is no shortage of small trendy cafes in Northcote, but Penny Farthing Espresso's unique take on contemporary cuisine and coffee cocktails makes it a standout in the area."



For eight years the Penny has grown to be one of Northcote's most popular brunch destinations, proudly serving the neighbourhood with Industry Beans every day of the week. Prior to founding Industry Beans, brothers Trevor and Steve opened Northcote's Penny Farthing Espresso on High Street, now owned by Simon Baker, the barista team at Penny Farthing Espresso still offer a wide range of seasonal blends and single origin coffees from Industry Beans, brewed on both espresso, filter, cold drip and stocked in store for purchase whole bean or ground.



Industry Beans features coffee from a variety of growing regions around the world to highlight the influence of growing conditions, plant species & processing methods on the final product.   The term single origin defines the coffee as having been produced in one particular country, region or estate.  With beans coming from all over the globe, and in constant rotation, we supply information cards in house along with our espresso.


Our filter coffee offering allows us to use lighter roasted coffee, capturing the natural characteristics & complexities of coffee in a way unlike espresso.  Brewed using a porcelain dripper, the resulting brew is almost tea-like & is gentler & clearer than espresso.  We encourage trying these brews without milk to experience the subtleties of the coffee.


Fitzroy St Blend

Penny Farthings house blend and a long time favourite amongst the team is the Fitzroy Street Blend. The robust nature of the coffee means all the more fun for us.

The Fitzroy Street Blend is the foundation of the Industry Beans coffee offering, with an emphasis on nutty, darker, intense characteristics.
Full body from the natural & semi-washed coffees results in a pleasing mouthfeel, while the brightness from the washed coffees ensures the profile is not masked by the milk.  Enjoyed without milk, this coffee is reminiscent of high quality dark chocolate, with subtle fruit complexity.




Brewed with cold water over many hours, the resulting liquid is almost liqueur-like, with very low acidity, pronounced sweetness & intense characteristics.  Served chilled with a side of ice.

Cold drip can be a healthier choice on two fronts. Since it is a less acidic brew, cold drop is softer on your digestive system. Secondly, as it’s a smooth taste there is less of a need to add other ingredients like milk and sugar to neutralise the acidity. It’s a pure black coffee that will not play havoc on your blood sugar levels.

Keep up to date with our latest stock of single origin beans, new lunch specials and in house offers on our Facebook & Instagram. We'll see you soon!